Top Wedding Photographers in Toronto

I am frequently asked, “Do you have any photographers you’d recommend?” and the answer is yes. There is so many photographers that were an absolute breeze to work with. Photographers that made the day so much fun and so easy going that it didn’t feel like work. Seamless, and a perfect pairing. Well, that’s it folks! Never again will I have to scrummage through my memory to think of the best photographers we’ve worked with in the past couple of years.

Eryn & Trevor

Eryn & Trevor are one of the cutest couples I’ve ever had the privilege of filming. These two reside over in California and I am so lucky and glad they picked me to be the videographer for their day. Their wedding at the Cave Springs Vineyard near Niagara was beautiful, and it was more than an absolute pleasure filming alongside Photographers Megan Laura and her assistant for the day, Martina (whom we love!) Their ceremony was intimate, and the decor and flowers were out of this world, so fresh. Congratulations on getting married and we wish you both all the best with your future endeavours!!

Cassidy & Michael

Cassidy & Michael had an absolutely beautiful wedding surrounded by their family, friends and greenery everywhere. Their backyard tented wedding was AMAZING. We love tented weddings so much, the atmosphere, the air, and the vibes are just too nice, I could film them every weekend, anytime. Seriously though, in my opinion, they’re the best. Cassidy’s letter to Mike was so beautiful and emotional and this is another thing that we love, emotion. We love emotional couples and these two were absolutely emotional (Mike a bit more than Cass!) These two shared their vows amidst a beautiful overcast day that was beautiful in bringing out the saturated colours that surrounded them.

Natalie & Jordan

We are thrilled that we had the absolute pleasure of filming Natalie & Jordan getting married at the Honsberger Estate in Niagara. The weather was flawless. Butterflies, birds, and lots of fruit surrounded the estate when we arrived. A couple weeks before the wedding we picked up this old crappy camera from a thrift store for a five bucks and loved the aesthetic of the really-old vintage DV style. I know, I know, it’s not 8mm (which I would’ve absolutely loved to use), but it still has it’s beautiful charm th at we enjoyed pairing with their film.

Jessica & Nick

This was one of the most romantic weddings we’ve had the pleasure of filming last year. Jessica & Nick’s wedding at a farmhouse cottage and orchard in Bright, ON was such a beautiful venue to get married at and place to spend with their family and friends. The cocktail hour was full of laughter, wood fired pizza, and a beautiful portrait session with Jessica & Nick in the orchard. We absolutely loved the heartfelt speeches spoken at the reception that showed how familial these two and their families are. We wish you both all the best in the years to come and we’re waiting for some of those cute babies you mentioned 🙂

Michelle & Steve

Wedding Videographers Muskoka

Vineyards, vineyards, vineyards. We love to attend vineyard weddings. The lovely outdoor atmosphere that fills the air during cocktail hour, the beautiful outdoor ceremonies surrounded by trees and earth. It’s all too beautiful and makes for a spectacular day each time! Michelle & Steve’s wedding at the Honsberger Estate was too much fun and such a pleasure to be a part of. Their lovely personal vows, the florals, the dances, so much beauty. We wish you all the best guys!