Those with a zest for life. From the heart. Without fear of emotion. True to self and to others. Authentic, adventurous, so in love; down to earth with maybe a touch of crazy... These are the kinds of kindred souls we love to create stories about.

- our stories -

Mike & Hayley

The day was so free spirited and uplifting. Mike & Hayley had their lovely wedding outside at Kurtz Orchards followed by a tented reception outdoors - our favourite. Wait, did I forgot to mention that their officiant didn't show up? This left Sean to be their last-minute officiant for the ceremony, some really good laughs followed suit. Meeting them and their energies, you can sense the wholehearted, loving relationship that these two have. We can't help but express how much of a pleasure it was filming these guy's wedding and we hope they have some of those cute curly haired babies they talk about.

Emily & Mike

Words cannot express how amazing these two souls are. Emily & Mike had a beautiful ceremony on a hot summer day at the Burlington Golf & Country Club surrounded by beautiful scenery. Willows, water, and an unbelievable sunset provided us with some amazing imagery that we could just not get enough of. We honestly could have just slept outside on the course and watched the stars. We had an amazing time filming with Emily & Mike as their genuine personalities resonate warmth and kindness. These two are just one of the many couples that we've filmed that are best friends, and it shows.

Kristen & Jake

Kristen & Jake, man oh man, these two hearts of gold caught our attention when they sent us their engagement video one year before their wedding, you can just feel the love when you witness the chemistry between these two. This day was filled with so much fun, good laughs, great vibes and lots of tears. We could not get enough of this couple and their lovely wedding.

Mark & Alanna

Alanna and Mark had an beautiful, elegant and intimate wedding at the Langdon Hall in Cambridge, ON. The day was filled to the brim with amazing people, good laughs, a lovely ceremony, and a gorgeously decorated reception that was outdoors. The breeze, the atmosphere, it was just amazing how tight-knit and loving the room felt surrounded by these amazing families. It was lovely from start to finish and their highlight film gives only a glimpse into how awesome their wedding day really was!

Megan & Peter

Michael and Brianne are the best people! A wedding video is a big investment when you have so many other expenses to pay for, but their videos are amazing and worth every penny. From the day we first contacted them, they’ve been easy to communicate with and went the extra mile to get to know us before our wedding. At our wedding, they were professional and worked well with our photographer to make sure everyone …


Emily & Mike

Huge thanks to Michael and Brianne- We were incredibly impressed by the creativity and quality of our final highlight wedding video. The way that they captured the footage, pieced so many elements together to produce the final product was perfect, and the film is something we will cherish for years to come. You both were great to work with leading up to and during our wedding day, making us both completely at ease in front …


Eric & Maggie

We are so happy that Michael and Brianne were part of our wedding day! The video they made of our wedding is amazing – we love it so much and have received nothing but glowing feedback from friends and family who have seen it. We always enjoyed watching other videos they’d made before we received our own, but we were blown away by all of the little details we notice in our video, things that …


Jon & Jessie

These 2 are the best people we’ve ever met. You will not find anyone as talented and dedicated as Solely Love Films. Right from the start they proved how organized, professional, and caring they were. It was so easy to trust them with capturing the most important day of our lives. If you’re about to get married and want to have a memory you’re proud to show everyone, do the right thing and sign Solely …


Larena & Nic

Michael & Brianne are so friendly and easy to work with! They captured all of our special moments, and we could not have been happier with our highlight video + ceremony and speech edit. They were very quick & kind in their responses, and on the actual day, they were very professional and never missed a moment.…


Stephanie & Kevin

This duo is remarkable! They captured our special day in the most memorable way and really stayed true to their ‘fly on the wall approach’. Solely Love Films was the perfect fir for us, they were so accommodating, helpful and fun but mostly, their work is perfection. From the initial Skype interview, to receiving our videos; this team made the whole cinematography experience super positive. I would HIGHLY recommend Solely Love Films you will be …


Jess and Dan

HIGHLY RECOMMEND SOLELY LOVE FILMS….WE WERE SO HAPPY WITH THE WHOLE PROCESS!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE PEOPLE AND THE VIDEOS THEY CREATED FOR US ON OUR WEDDING DAY!!! Solely Love Films is AMAZING!!! Michael and Brianne did everything they said they would and BEYOND!! Their videos turned out BEAUTIFULLY!! They were professional and accommodating to the things that were most important to us as a couple. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CAPTURING SO MANY SPECIAL …