Nicole & Clayton

Nicole & Clayton, where do I even begin? We had the absolute pleasure of meeting with these two at a small coffee shop in Ingersoll and the pleasure was all ours in filming their wedding. Their outdoors ceremony in front of a beautiful oak tree, the indoor barn reception filled with the most tight-knit family-ever, it was just such a beautiful day with so many awesome people that were so close to the lovely couple. We wish you guys all the best!!

Stefanie & Kevin

Stefanie & Kevin’s super-chill urban wedding at the Liberty Grand in Toronto, ON was a beautiful courtyard-style ceremony followed by an unforgettable party. These two did make mention of one of the most important parts of their day that they were most excited for; their wedding party and spending invaluable time with family and friends. We really felt this once the reception came because it was a amazing that everyone made it onto the dance floor.

Jessica & Dan

What started out as being a moody and rainy morning, Jessica and Dan’s wedding day eventually turned into a warm September evening filled with plenty of laughs, smiles and good fun at the Dyments Farm in Dundas, ON. Jessica and Dan were such a treat to work with on their wedding day. Not only are they an outgoing and energetic couple who values their family and friends; but they are also very kindhearted and amazing people as individuals. We loved working alongside these two and their families on their special day!

Jacqueline & Shawn

Jacqueline & Shawn had a brilliantly beautiful wedding at the Roseville Estate on a hot summer day in August. These two and their family and friends were so welcoming and we had a wonderful time working alongside everyone part of their beautiful day. Their ceremony was filled with heartfelt handwritten vows, lots of tears of happiness and their tent reception had such a beautiful ambiance. It showered, but that didn’t stop these people from having an amazing time.

Jon & Jessie

It was fairly cold and cloudy the morning of Jon & Jessie’s wedding day. Being the first of our wedding season, the day came by so quick under our feet that we couldn’t believe the day had already arrived. One minute we were breaking ice over drinks in Starbucks, getting to know Jon & Jessie a bit more; the next it was finally time to bring out the cameras onto their wedding scene to do what we do best. We were more than excited-not only because it was time to film a wedding, but because both Jessie & Jon are two of the most down to earth, adorable, fun, smiles-always-on-our-faces kind of people we have ever met. We are in it for people like Jon & Jessie, and it’s always a pleasure spending the day with amazing people like these two.