Every Wedding Film plants a Tree

Total # of trees planted to date: 25! (updated 2/19/19)

You must have noticed that there's something amazing about how beautiful and fresh the air feels when you walk through a lush forest. That invigorating feeling that you get from a nice walk through the forest is something that can never truly be quenched by anything else. Now, imagine a world where the everywhere you go, that feeling follows you around. Each area that you visit in our country of Canada has beautiful forests that provide that same refreshing air everywhere you go.

Since the beginning of our relationship, Brianne and I have always had a deep relationship with nature. All of our walks would lead us through some forest and we'd always sit by the river in a little opening in the trees. It is saddening to know the harsh reality that trees have to be cut down in order to keep up with the growing demand of construction and urbanization. Wood is a commonly used material and so forests are eventually cut down for their crop of wood, regardless if they are cut from responsible sources.

For a little while now, I've always had the idea of donating trees to areas in need, and we've always had the desire to donate a small portion of our profits towards something that we believe in, and so we've finally got the ball rolling. From now on, every wedding that our team is a part of, we will be purchasing/donating a tree to an area in need at no extra cost to our couples, planted by TreeCanada. A small portion of the donation also goes towards building green communities, schools and hospitals and educating people on the importance of urban forests.

We hope this small contribution helps to bring our world towards a greener future!

- Michael

Michael Kalman