Tips for Finding Your Ideal Wedding Videographer

Hello everyone! I'd love to share insight on my tips on how to find your ideal wedding videographer here in Ontario. If you're like many couples in the beautiful province of Ontario, it is quite difficult to cull through the many fine wedding videographers that are available and differentiate between them and their styles. It's a pretty hard choice, to be honest. Let's get started!

So, what's your budget?

The first step is to find out what your budget for a wedding videographer is. This can be found by calculating how much you can comfortably spend on a wedding videographer without putting a strain on your personal finances. It is important not put a strain/ or stress on your personal life. Most wedding couples find their budget for a wedding film to be between $2,500 to $3,750 and you should not expect to spend much more than this for a well equipped package. A 4-5 minute highlight film & full video (ceremony & speech edit) is usually around the $3,500 ballpark.

What's perked your interest in Wedding Videography?

Now let's step back and think back to what sparked your interest into wedding videography. Was there a particular style that you fell in love with? If there is a style that you enjoyed, there is your answer! If your friend hired a wedding videographer that you really enjoyed, you should put them on your list of videographers to compare in the next few steps. Do you prefer a candid style, that is authentic, genuine and true to the natural events? Or perhaps you prefer a more staged style? Once you decide what style you and your fiancé enjoy the most in wedding films, you can both better identify which videographers are better suited to your taste.

Search through some Wedding Videographers

Next is to find a list of wedding filmmakers that fit your criteria of style. Let's start by going to Google and typing in: Wedding Videographers __________ (your city/town) and searching through the list of videographers that pop up on the list. This may take a while, but be sure to write down each videographer that you feel connected with. Your goal is to compile a small list of videographers who's style you really resonate with.

 Further sift through your choices

Once you've found a decent list of wedding videographers which you enjoy, it's time to narrow them down. Look through the films of all the videographers (2-3 films from each of them) and eliminate some of the videographers which you feel do not suit your tastes. Also take a look at the quality of their website and analyse if it fits the quality of their work. Your list should slowly dwindle down into around 1-3 wedding videographers. The goal is to cull the best of the best videographers that you really enjoy.

Check if there are any negative reviews about the chosen businesses

Now that you've found the videographers that you're interested in, it's time to take a look at their reviews. Spending a few grand on a wedding film is no small investment, so it's nice to be sure that you're going to receive the quality customer service that you deserve. Go to Google and type in ______________ (videographer's business name). A google listing should appear that looks like this:

Click on the 14 Google reviews link (or however many reviews the videographer that you have chosen has) and read through the reviews to get an idea of how the couple's felt after receiving their deliverables. If there are any 1 star reviews, this should raise a red flag and you should see if the company replied to the review to try to remedy the customer's dissatisfaction before even considering hiring them for your day.

Do you really resonate with their work?

So, you've looked through your 1-3 videographer's reviews and found that they're all pretty fine and dandy. Now, judging by the look of the films on their portfolio, do you and your partner both feel really emotionally connected to the films that you are seeing? If the answer is yes, then that's great and keep them on the list and contact them to inquire about pricing and inquire if your day is still available. If not, or if they are unavailable, take them off your list. Remember, if you're considering them because of their pricing (if visible on the website) or any other reason (your friends went with them) then most likely, they are not a perfect fit and you are leaving the risk of disappointment.

Do you have the creative freedom to choose the music?

Many videographers prefer to choose the music for your film themselves. Ask and check with your chosen videographers if you are able to choose music for your film. Music is really important to many couples and is a huge factor in deciding if the videographers you have chosen are the right fit. Ask them if they provide you with the creative freedom to choose music off of a few music licensing websites. The websites that Solely Love Films licenses music from are: The Music Bed (incl. in packages), SoundStripe, Triple Scoop Music, Artlist (also incl. in our packages). Be weary of Wedding Videographers who allow you to choose popular, copyright music. Videographers that permit this are often inexperienced, as this often leads to copyright infringement lawsuits  for the videographer ($10-$20K) and a taken down video for the couple that is no longer shareable via Social media.

Now comes the decision.

The moment you've been waiting for. You've asked them if your date is available for booking. Now that you've really narrowed down your viable choices, the next move is a big one. When you feel like you're ready to take the plunge in hiring the videographer, make the move. Ask the videographer what the next steps are in securing your wedding date. The videographer will inform you of their deposit policy and send you their contract for you both to review. Once they receive your contract with first payment they will send you a receipt, a confirmation of booking. That's it, your day will be reserved for you!

That's all for today! Hope this helped provide you insight on how to choose a wedding videographer for your wedding film! If you have any questions or would like some pointers, please feel free to leave a comment or send us an email!

~ Regards, Michael

Michael Kalman