Top Wedding Photography Locations in Toronto

So you're getting married (congrats!) You've got most of the details planned out for the big day - or maybe you are just getting started - and you are now on the search for some awesome locations for your wedding photographs. Of course, to have amazing photographs, you need to start with some awesome locations.

Beautiful and photogenic, the city of Toronto has a number of well-known locations, as well as some hidden gems that are perfect for wedding videography. To make the process of wedding planning and preparation easier for you, we have compiled a list of great wedding photography locations in Toronto that are sure to guarantee you perfect wedding photographs (and video!)

1. Cherry Beach

Located on the north shore of the Outer Harbour, Cherry Beach is one of the most popular wedding photography spots in Toronto. Scenery includes the beach, forest, and industrial structures which together provide an ample variety of backdrops for a stunning photo session.

Permit: Yes, costs $$254.25 for 4 consecutive hours.
To obtain a permit, call 416-392-8188 and press 1.

2. Osgoode Hall

A famous heritage building in Toronto, Osgoode Hall is a historic and prestigious venue for timeless wedding photography. The location features a magnificent building surrounded by pictorial lush green gardens.

Permit: Required for photography inside the building.
For a wedding photography permit, call The Law Society at 416-947-3300.

3. Scarborough Bluffs

Offering a spectacular view of Lake Ontario, Scarborough Bluffs is a top pick for most photographers. The location is a geological wonder and offers the perfect natural setting for capturing dramatic photos.

Permit: Yes, costs $155 for 2 hours.
To obtain a permit, call the City of Toronto Parks Permit Office at 416-392-8188.

4. Spadina House

Located on the Downton Abbey, Spadina House offers amazing views of the city, as well as a spectacular backdrop for wedding photographs. Built in 1860’s, the magnificent mansion is surrounded by lush gardens and parks that further add to the rich, vibrant look of the location. You can capture photos in the gardens or opt for the East Sun Room for a more intimate photo shoot.

Permit: Yes, East Sunroom $100 per hour, Terrace and Gardens, $150 per hour
For more information, call 416-338-0493 or email at

5. Centennial Park Conservatory

One of Toronto’s largest parks, Centennial Park Conservatory is an iconic location for wedding photography. With a tropical house, an arid house, and a permanent plant collection supplemented with wildflowers throughout the year, the location provides a vibrant backdrop for wedding photographs.

Permit: Yes, costs $472.02 for 2 hours.
To obtain a permit, call 416-392-8188 and press 1.

6. Edwards Gardens Conservatory

With a large fountain, gorgeous walking trails, luscious gardens, and beautiful staircases and bridges, Edwards Gardens Conservatory is a classic wedding photography location. A permit is required for organizing a photo session in the botanical gardens.

Permit: Yes, costs $330.42 for 2 hours.
To obtain a permit, call 416-392-8188 and press 1.

7. The Crystal Ballroom (King Edward Hotel)

Reopened in 2017 after almost four decades, the Crystal Ballroom is a lavish venue that features ornate mouldings, floor to ceiling windows, and magnificent chandeliers.

Permit: Yes. To obtain a permit, please call at 416-863-9700.

8. Evergreen Brickworks

Nestled in the proximity of the Don River, Evergreen Brickworks offers a creative location for wedding photography. With brick buildings, ponds, trails, and an incredible view of the city’s skyline, the location is sure to make your photo session memorable and exciting.

Permit: Yes, costs $250 for 2 hours.
To request a photography permit, please email

9. University of Toronto

Although an unusual location for wedding photography, the classic architecture and the beautiful landscapes of the university campus together make it a stunning spot for photo sessions.

Permit: Yes, costs $130 per hour.
To apply for a permit, fill this online form.

10. Paletta Mansion and Lakefront Park

Located in Paletta Lakefront Park, Paletta Mansion provides the perfect backdrop for wedding photography . The mansion stands on an exquisite lakefront property and offers a romantic and intimate setting for capturing the memorable moments.

Permit: Yes, costs $400 plus HST for 3 hours.
To get a permit, visit here.


Michael Kalman