Common Misconceptions Regarding Wedding Videography

Having been in the Wedding Videography industry for over 5 years now and witnessing the market shift and change, we've seen a variety of  thoughts, statements, and myths about wedding videography that we would like to go over! Here are some myths that we would like to go over:

Myth #1: There's no need to hire a wedding videographer, I'll remember the day.

Well, this is a fair judgement to make before considering the pros and cons of hiring a wedding videographer for your big day. Let's put this into perspective, considering most Ontario couples have a wedding investment of around $25,000. If you're like me, and you've been alongside the the couple during the entire day for dozens weddings, you'll realise that the day literally zips past you. It's almost like you forget about time and at the end of it, all the fantastic words about you and your fiance have been spoken, and people are already on the dance floor having a great time. Now, let's rewind to that part about your investment of $25,000.

Most wedding couples only find it a necessity to hire a wedding photographer, because it's the norm. While photography does capture great moments in time, and a great photographer captures meaning in many photos. The entire motion is not there, and that's only because of the fact that photography is not 24 photos being taken per second and recorded with audio. Your beautiful vows, the moment he saw you coming down the aisle and wiped away his tears, and your father's speech that made you bawl your eyes out. This is where videography truly shines, in the story. If you're a sentimental person like me, you really appreciate holding onto a memento that brings back all of these true, raw feelings.

Myth #2: The raw footage is always included.

While all of our couples receive the raw footage, it is not often included by videographers. For our top-tier packages we compile the raw footage into something called a Ceremony & Speech Edit, which is your full Ceremony & Speeches edited into a 45 minute - 1 1/2 hour long video that you can click to play and watch. This is nice because all of the work is done for you and you do not have to click through the different camera angles to see an individual moment.

Myth #3: Two videographers is absolutely necessary

Two videographers certainly enables us to work more efficiently as we can have one videographer at each location in the morning recording the preparations, but it is not fully necessary for a quality highlight film, it just helps. Any of the wedding videographers on our talented team are able to film solo and able to deliver quality work. Having two dedicated videographers to film your day does add that extra sparkle to the final products, but is not entirely necessary. In our opinion:

One videographer > No videographer


Two Videographers > One Videographer

Myth #4: I want a Same Day Edit.

Time and time again, we've heard it. "Do you offer same day edits?" While SDE's provide a quick-gratification-wow-factor at the reception, the truth is that editing a fine art film within 5 hours is just not feasible and sustainable. It is not feasible because a genuine story requires time, polishing, and care. Think of it like waxing a car, do you apply the wax to the entire car and buff it out really quickly with a terry cloth? You shouldn't, because it will leave a foggy finish on the car that just doesn't leave that gloss finish

that showroom cars have. This is much like wedding films, the wax needs to be applied on panels of the vehicle, buffed to perfection using a rotary buffer (not a cloth), and then continued on the other panels. The time that goes into our wedding films exceeds beyond 20 hours of post processing, and goes through several rounds of polishing using the rotary buffer. This is something that just doesn't happen with a same day edit.

Same day edits are generally not sustainable for most videographers, regardless if they offer the service. The stress that is involved in editing a product within 5 hours that is glued together and presented is immense, and it most likely leads to a career burnout. It's just not healthy for the team, and we like to take care of ourselves as much as we love to take care of our lovely couples.

Myth #5: The prices are negotiable, right?

Being full-time, dedicated Wedding filmmakers, our prices are generally non-negotiable. There are three factors that must be considered when offering an incentive to our couples. The three factors include: prime & off-season months, value of work, and overshooting. The prime months for the wedding sector are May-October. The off(ish) season months are November-April. If your wedding falls between November & April, we can offer you an incentive. This is because while the supply for wedding videography in Ontario stays the same, the demand does go down during these months and in turn, the price is lowered to keep busy in the off-months. Almost all businesses operate in the same manner, using the supply and demand model.

Value of work is a factor that must be considered when evaluating if we are a good fit for your day. We love to work with couples who value our work as much as we value genuine humans, the feeling to work together needs to be mutual. Negotiating pricing is a sign that our work is not valued in your eyes and we tend to prefer to not work with these kinds of couples.

And lastly, over shooting. It's also important not to overshoot weddings to prevent a burn-out. A burn out is when you're too overwhelmed with the workload that has been assumed and you have a crash in your career. We tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to these things, and this is the sole reason that we have expanded our team to a greater size to produce a harmonious relationship with the work we love.

Thanks again kindly for reading and we hope you have a wonderful week!

~ Regards, Michael

Michael Kalman