Is Wedding Videography Worth it?

If you were to ask any bride what she remembers about her wedding, she is likely to tell you that her big day flashed by in a blur. When your day is over and you would like to relish in the memories, there are a few things that photography cannot bring back in entirety. The personal vows spoken during your ceremony, the letter you read from him the morning of that made you brake out in tears; the expression of your husband as he saw you walking down the aisle, and so many more moments that are only lived through, once.

With wedding videography, you not only can capture these special moments, but it enables you to replay and cherish those moments at any time you please. However, with so many arrangements to make and wedding expenses to pay for, wedding videography may not be a priority for many couples. But please trust us, every dollar spent on filming the beautiful moments that both of you are going to share is worth it. In fact, 98 percent of the newlyweds who decided not to invest in wedding videography regretted their decision. This sounds like some really corny marketing, but really, do you wan't to regret not hiring a wedding videographer?

If you are still contemplating over the decision, here are a few reasons you want to hire a Wedding Videographer!

The Highlight Film

With wedding videography, you receive a highlight film that speaks you like nothing else, it is a representation of what your wedding day looks like through our creative eyes. What’s more, you get to share (if you wish) a sweet little 4-5 minute video resembling your day with your family and friends on Facebook, Instagram or similar social media platform and have those that view your highlight film relive your day with you.

Relive the Memories

A creatively shot, skilfully recorded wedding film is something that can be treasured for years. Investing in wedding videography today will allow you to revisit and relive the special day. Still photos are great, but wedding videos take things further. With a wedding film, you can relive the cherished moments when you read your vows or shared your first kiss with your loved one and share the memories with your children and grandchildren in the years to come.

Immortalise Your Love Story

Your wedding film is not just a recording of the big day. Instead, it is a documentartion of your entire wedding day. From the moments when you were the attention of everyone to emotional or funny moments that you would otherwise have missed or forgotten, wedding videography captures all the best memories, allowing you to watch and enjoy the moments in real time.

Here’s the feedback of some brides and grooms who made the decision to hire a wedding videographer and did not regret their decision.

"There’s nothing like having a complete video of your special day. Our wedding video captured every single detail, from floral decoration to people’s facial expressions to the moments when we read our vows."

"We are so glad that we decided to have both wedding photographer and videographer. There are moments that were not captured in photos, but were recorded by the videographer."

"Don’t make the wrong decision of not having a wedding videographer and saving just a few thousand dollars because you’re gonna regret it. I have friends who opted for photographs only and they regret the choice. The day will go by really fast and if you don’t have a wedding film, you are going to miss so much of it!"

Although not a necessity, a professional recorded wedding film is the best way to capture the very essence of your life’s most important day.

Let us capture the feelings and the sentiments of you and your loved ones and create a piece of remembrance to be cherished and shared for years. To get in touch with us, please click here.

Michael Kalman