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The best way for us to make you feel the most comfortable on your wedding day and create something for you that is true to who you are is by working with couples who reflect our own persona. We generally prefer to book with genuine, down to earth and energetic couples who are not only lovers, but most importantly best friends. We book with couples who we can totally vibe with. If we can connect with you on a personal level, this makes it so much easier for us to know exactly what you value most in life and what would make you the most happy from the films that we create for you. If you are an unconventional couple of people and feel like we would be a perfect match, we would love to hear from you!


We are currently booking couples in for the 2019 season. We do not typically book farther than 1 year in advance, so please keep this in mind if your wedding does not fall within a one year timeline from today’s date.

Please feel free to send us a message should you feel a connection with our work, if you have any questions to ask us about our services, or if you simply would like to say hi! We typically respond within the same day if we receive your message on a weekday, and normally respond within 24-48 hours during weekends. Please do make sure all of the information you send is correct, and please make sure your inboxes are not full so that we can contact you back! We look forward to working with you!