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Eliza & Dan. Where should we start? These two contacted us over a year ago looking to book us as their wedding videographers. If you are wondering -yes- they are already married. For an entire year as of yesterday, July the 24th. It honestly feels like their wedding happened yesterday… How crazy is it that time flies by so fast?! We knew their anniversary was coming up, and we wanted to show these two how much we love them by creating this little anniversary gift for the two of them. We honestly live for people like Eliza & Dan. It is always, always always a pleasure meeting new couples, and especially when those couples are as genuine, earthy, kind hearted and awesome as these two.

We had soooo much fun filming their wedding (their video can be found here) and even more fun filming this anniversary video with these guys. It was kind of hectic trying to find time to put aside for this video, especially with the weather being all over the place (sometimes overhead clouds are not so great for video!!) so we had to reschedule the film days, probably like a million times haha. When we finally did have a chance to film with these guys, the day was absolutely perfect.

We started out with the interview portion, where we asked the two of them a bunch of questions about their relationship. We learned so many things about these two…. Our favorite fact being that their first date was at the Subway Eliza worked at after Dan finished Rugby, and Eliza bought a discount sub while Dan paid full price for his own. We laughed, so hard, so many times at this while editing the video. We then scheduled a day for the extra shots we wanted to get to form a storyline around who these two are as people and who they are as a couple.

The first thing we filmed was the tandem bike scene, where Eliza & Dan rode on their double seated bike with two beers in their basket to go off on a hot date by the running path. We made them ride back and forth probably about 20 times down the same path just to get those shots. And that bike is preeeettyyy damn heavy…. So those beers at the end were pretty well deserved. The next scene we shot was at the Ice Cream shop in Paris. I won’t mention which one, because the store owner came out and gave us $hit for filming there. It was kind of, really extremely awkward. But we made the best of it, and it turned out great regardless! We then headed over to the Paris trails and snapped some quick portrait shots before the two changed into their running gear and ran for us. At one point Brianne climbed into a tree just to get the shot she was looking for (oh the things we do for video!) We saw a doe and her fawn crossing the river in the distance as we crossed the bridge… And one thing we couldn’t help but notice was the look these two gave each other after looking for the deer the second time around. It was as if they read each other’s minds and knew exactly what the other was thinking. It was a moment that stuck out the most to us while editing this video. And Brianne is a pansy and cried the entire time hahah. We love filming couples who have a deep seeded connection with each other, and that is something we are always looking for when we film any couple together. We love to feel the love, catch my drift?

There is nothing more satisfying to us than pulling footage together of two people who are absolutely head over heels for one another, and when that connection is clearly seen even if it’s by showing each other a look like the way Dan & Eliza did on the bridge, it always hits us in the feels in the most perfect way. We are in it for the little things. And these little things always add up to big things for us as filmmakers. We love these two so much and we hope the rest of their lives are filled with so much love and adventure and every single little thing their little hearts desire forever and ever. Happy anniversary you two <33333


Venue: River House, Paris ON
Hair – Emily Ashton, Hilary Taylor and Elena Hall
Makeup: Shanelle Kan
Rentals: Pat’s Party Rentals
Decor: Now & Always Special Event decorators
Wedding Film: Solely Love Films
Photographer: Martina Wendland Photography
Flowers: Designs by Law
Music/DJ: Neil Harrickey




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